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Washing Machine Buyer Guide

No home is complete without a washing machine to keep you and your family in clean clothes. From school uniforms to work wear and office uniforms, you need to be able to throw somewhere to throw your shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses into a powerful, versatile machine without the need to make multiple, regular trips to the local laundromat. 

Thankfully, here at Switch Rentals, we have a wonderful range of washing machines to suit all budgets and requirements. To help you decide what you need, we’ve put together this washing machine buying guide, to review all of the key features you need to take into account when making that essential purchase…. 

What Washing Machine Load Capacity should I go for?

Probably the main factor in deciding which washing machine to buy is the load capacity, or how much laundry you can load into the drum in one cycle.

Smaller machines, such as 6kg -7kg are suited to smaller households with single people, etc, and machines of 9-10kg and over are suited to larger households with families of 4 and above.

The frequency of washing also matters – if you need to wash clothes regularly to accommodate school and work uniforms, sports kits, etc. then a larger dryer may be a better option.

spins speed

What Spin Speed will I need?

The spin speed is the number of times in a minute that the drum revolves, and this varies from 1000 rpm (revolutions per minute) to 1600 rpm. The faster the spin speed, the more thoroughly your clothes are cleaned, and the drier they will be at the end of the cycle – and the less drying you will have to do afterwards.

Most machines have a spin capacity of 1200rpm, which is great for most clothes. Some delicate clothes require slower spin cycles, and other, heavier materials, such as towels, will benefit from faster speeds.

What Wash Programmes should I look out for?

A decent washing machine will offer you a good range of programmes to suit all of your washing needs. Covering different types of material (cotton, delicates, synthetics, wool, etc), different temperatures, should ensure you can  clean all types of clothing.

A quick cycle, offered by all of our machines, will ensure you can get clean clothes quickly, in a pinch. An economy mode can save you money. Extra rinse settings can be great for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

A versatile washing machine should offer you a range of options for different types of cleaning. Budget washing machines tend to have analogue controls, while more advanced machines tend to have an LCD screen, 

What about Energy Ratings?

Washing machines are notorious for using lots of electricity as they turn your clothes over in order to wash and rinse them. That’s why it’s essential to keep an eye out for the energy rating of your appliance, as it can save you significant amounts on your energy bill over the course of a year, and the time that you own it.

Our washing machines are a minimum of A+ rated, ensuring you can be as kind to the environment as your bills, costing £30 a year to run. For even more savings, some of our top machines have ratings of A++, which can cost as little as £30 a year to keep running.

What is  a Smart Washing machine, and what are the benefits of having one?smart washing machine

Some washing machines are smart enabled, which means that they can be connected to your wifi network, allowing them to be monitored and controlled via mobile or voice assistants such as Alexa or Google

These machines come stacked with additional features and benefits, such as notifying you if there is an issue with your machine, letting you know when your washing is done, and providing data on energy usage. A smart washing machine can be an excellent investment if you do a lot of washing and you’re passionate about the latest tech. 


features and settings on washing machineWhat Extra Features will I need?

Depending upon their spec, brand and price, different washing machines have additional features that can make them indispensable. For example Beko’s machines come with a Drum Clean feature, to ensure bacteria and grime is kept out of the drum.

Some machines can provide auto-dosing, Delay timers can let you set your washing machine to run at a time convenient for you, and some machines have automatic programming to pick the best programme for you. 


Washing Machine FAQs

How big is the average washing machine?

The average washing machine is 82cm to 85cm in height, 60cm in width, and 40 to 70cm in width. Check the exact dimensions of your chosen machine before you buy, to ensure it will fit in the location you have chosen.

What connections will I need to for my washing machine?

You will need cold water, hot water, and a waste pipe, as well as electrical connection, in order to set up your new machine. #

How much are your washing machines? 

Our washing machines are available to rent only, with an 18 month commitment, with prices starting from £3 per week, up to £10 per week.You will benefit from free delivery and repairs, with the option to upgrade your machine for replacement model after 12 months.


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