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Fridge Freezer Buyer Guide

A fridge freezer is an essential addition to any kitchen. Storing your food and drink in a cool or frozen environment is vital for any household. We offer a range of fridge freezers in different configurations, with a variety of features. Check out our fridge freezer buyers guide to help you choose the appliance which will best suit your needs.

How wide is a standard fridge freezer?

A standard fridge freezer is typically 54 to 60 centimetres in width. The exact width can vary , so check the exact dimensions first, and measure the space you intend to use in your home before ordering.

What type of fridge should I get?

There are 4 different types of fridge for you to consider purchasing:

  • Fridge Freezer: the most common type of Fridge, this has 2 compartments – one for the fridge, and another for the freezer. These can be split in a variety of ways, but most of our models provide a 50/50 even split. 
  • Tall Fridge: Tall fridges are great for larger families, with their greater storage capacity. 
  • Fridges with Freezer Compartments: These types of fridge allow you to have the best of both worlds where space is at a premium. 
  • Under Counter Fridge: If your kitchen has lots of under counter storage space, then an under counter fridge is the ideal way to make use of this. These are typically 85cm in height.

The one that you choose will depend upon the size and shape of the space that you have available (e.g., if you have more / less under counter space). 

What about fridge freezer energy ratings?

In a bid to save energy, a Europe wide system of energy rating has been devised to help customers work out which appliances use the least power.

A++ are estimated to use around 206 kWh per year, and cost around £20.60 in electricity. A+ rated fridges are estimated to use around 270 kWh and cost around £27 in electricity. 

What is a Frost Free fridge freezer?

A frost free fridge freezer, as the name suggests, has a special facility to ensure that it does not develop deposits of frozen ice. It does this by circulating cool air. This can be convenient if you would rather not regularly defrost your freezer. 

What is a water dispenser in a fridge?

A water dispenser allows you to get chilled water from your fridge. Some more advanced fridge freezers come with this feature. The water is either stored in a tank, or plumbed in from a water pipe. You can also use the dispenser to cool other drinks such as wine or Coke, if you wish. 

What is a reversible door? 

Most of our fridge freezers come with reversible doors, which means you can remove the doors and position them to open on whichever side you prefer. This is ideal if your fridge is situated in a position where space is at a premium.

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