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Dishwasher Buyer Guide

Every busy family home is improved by the presence of a dishwasher. Saving hours on cleaning dishes and pots frees up valuable time, especially for busy working people and parents. Choosing the right appliance can be a challenge, and that’s why our dishwasher buying guide can help you to understand the different features and functions on these essential white goods. Read on to find out more….

Energy Rating

All dishwashers come with a published energy rating, or EPC. The more efficient your appliance, the more cost it saves on your energy bills, and the better it is for the environment. Dishwashers are rated from A+++ to D, and this rating gives you a simple, easy to understand rating to help you decide on your purchase. All of our dishwashers are rated A and above, so you can be assured they will keep electricity costs down. It’s worth pointing out that, of course, to achieve maximum efficiency, you do need to ensure your appliance is at full capacity. 

Place Settings / Size

The capacity of a dishwasher can be measured by its place settings. A place setting consists of 

  • A dinner plate
  • A dessert plate
  • Single glass
  • Soup bowl
  • Tea cup with saucer
  • Assortment of cutlery

Dishwashers usually have a capacity of 13 place settings. which is the right size for medium sized households.

Full Size vs Slimline

Dishwashers usually come in 3 different sizes. Full size dishwashers are 60 centimetres in width. They typically have 12 to 15 place settings and are ideal for families.

Slimline dishwashers are best suited to smaller kitchens where usable space is limited, such as studio flats. They measure 45 centimetres in width, and place settings of around 10, which translates into approximately 118 items that can be cleaned in one cycle. Some dishwashers come with a half load setting, which allows you to wash a small number of dishes. 

Hoover One Touch 

Hoover offer a smartphone app, known as Hoover Wizard,  that allows you to control and monitor your dishwasher. It’s available on both the apple App store, and via Google Play for Android devices. These dishwashers uses the same type of contactless technology used by your debit or credit card to scan and read the status of your washing machine electronically. 

Programmes / Cycles

A good dishwasher offers cycles that suit your needs, such as quick programmes that last just a few minutes. 

Wash Temperatures

Dishwashers have different wash temperature settings and their use can depend on energy efficiency, and how dirty your dishes are.

Delay Timer

Delay timers, as the name suggests, cause your dishwasher to turn on at a specific time after you have set a timed delay. 

This can be useful if you want to avoid disturbing neighbours with the noise of your appliance late at night, or, conversely, to turn the dishwasher on at a time when it can take advantage of cheaper late night Economy 7 electricity rates. 

Noise Level

The level of noise created by your dishwasher can be a factor in your purchase. It’s worth checking the decibel level produced by the appliance, to see if it suits your needs and environment. 

And Finally

When taking into account which washing machine to buy, you should read the description of the product carefully, do your research, and ensure that is appropriate to your needs.  Having said that, a dishwasher is a great addition to any home kitchen. Thankfully, you can check out our range of dishwashers for rental here.